Have you ever watched a movie and been completely transported to another world? Whether it’s traveling by train through Africa or leaving everything behind to move to a romantic villa in Tuscany, movies have the power to transport us right from our couches to a destination we never knew we wanted to explore. Here’s a list of our favorite movies that have inspired us to pack our bags and book a flight!

Roman Holiday

1.     Roman Holiday (Rome)

Italy + Audrey Hepburn = perfection. One of our favorite classic romances that swept us off our feet and had us yearning to spend the perfect day in Italy riding mopeds around the Colosseum and eating gelato on the Spanish Steps. There’s a reason this film paved the way for on-location shooting with dreamy Italian backdrops. Time to dust off our Rosetta Stone Italiano!

Out of Africa

2.     Out of Africa (Kenya)

Robert Redford. Meryl Streep. Need we say more? No other film in or about Africa even comes close to this 7 Academy Awards-winning film. A period romantic drama coupled with scenes of sprawling landscapes and abundance of wildlife inspired thousands to head to Kenya for safari and a visit to the real Karen Blixen home…including us.

Midnight in Paris

3.     Tie: A Little Romance & Midnight in Paris (Paris)

When it comes to Paris, there’s little convincing needed to get us packing. These two movies top our list and deepen our love for the City of Light. We’re carried away with each city backdrop in A Little Romance and loved getting lost in Woody Allen’s Paris in Midnight in Paris. Some of our favorite locations featured in these movies include Château de Vaux le Vicomte, the Palace of Versailles and the luxurious Hotel de Bristol…check us in, please!

To Catch A Thief

4.     To Catch a Thief (French Riviera)

Grace Kelly and Cary Grant epitomize swanky 1950’s French Riviera and we’re hooked. The picturesque settings of the Riviera and select landmarks in Nice and Cannes ooze glamour, luxury and chic. It continues to inspire many to zip along the hills above the Mediterranean or check-in at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.

Under the Tuscan Sun

5.     Under the Tuscan Sun (Italy)

We spent hours perusing villa rentals on websites after this movie ended. The title of this feel-good comedy says it all and showcases some of Tuscany’s postcard-worthy landscapes.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

6.     The Talented Mr. Ripley (Venice, Italian Riviera)

Jude Law, shirtless. Do we have your attention?  Although the plot of this suspense thriller is dark at times, the Italian Riviera backdrop is so captivating you’ll forget where you are or what you were doing a few minutes ago. Who really cares, let’s talk about how soon we can get to Portofino.


7.     Thelma and Louise (Grand Canyon)

An iconic American classic with two high-energy performances from Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis. And, who could forget Brad Pitt’s breakout role? Apparently a Hollywood remake is in talks, but doubtful it will compare to the original (remakes rarely do). This movie actually inspired a convertible road trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon with a girlfriend. Obviously, ours had a much better ending.

Notting Hill

8.     Any Hugh Grant Film (London)

Love Actually, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary – take your pick. Film after film, Hugh has us ready to jump on a plane to London on a moment’s notice. And yes, you can visit most of the locations in these movies. One of our favorites: The Traveling Bookshop (the real inspiration behind Notting Hill), just off Portobello Road.

Midnight Express

9.  Midnight Express (Turkey)

Just kidding! We love Istanbul, but this true story movie showed us a different side of Turkey that had us wanting to stay right on our couches! Definitely made us appreciate our warm showers and cozy beds. Next time you’re abroad make sure you keep things legal and keep in touch with your lawyer often 🙂

Mamma Mia

9.     Mamma Mia! (Greece)

Simply put, this is one of the best advertisements for Greece. You can almost feel the warmth of island life project from the screen. The colors, the cast (ahem, Colin Firth), the music – your mind will already be in Skopelos (one of the more popular island locations where the movie was filmed), and you’ll want to do anything possible to be there in person.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

10.  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (India)

For a blast to the senses, watch this richly-colored film. In true British comedic fashion, follow Judy Dench (narrator) and her fellow cast-of-a-certain-age as they relocate and retire to India. Enjoy a few laughs and find yourself completely enchanted with India’s charm. Life around the picturesque hotel (which is actually the Ravla Khempur Hotel in Khempur) moved and intrigued us.

Before Sunrise

11.  Before Sunrise (Vienna, Budapest)

Backpacking in Europe with Ethan Hawke? Yes, please. Meeting him on a train from Budapest to Vienna where he asks you to spend his last day in Europe with him? Why not? Wander the charming streets of the Austrian capital and dream about the future. If that’s not convincing enough, follow up with Before Sunset (the sequel to this movie).


12.  Amélie (Paris)

You’ll be craving crème brulée in Montmartre after watching this movie. Charming, romantic and whimsical, Amélie (played by Audrey Tautou) transports viewers to Paris through its cinematography. There’s no shortage of cafes, cobblestoned streets or crème brulée in this film and you will be left wanting to change the world, like Amelie…starting in Paris, of course. Still one of our favorite foreign films of all time.

Sideways receives Oscar nomination for best picture

13.  Sideways (Southern California)

The movie that singlehandedly boosted Pinot Noir sales in the U.S. At the same time, it inspired many of us, including me, to visit hidden gems we’ve never considered before including Solvang and yes, even stopping by the Hitching Post in Buellton. No one is immune to the scenic backdrops of vineyards or can resist a taste of the good life.

Buena Vista Social Club

14.  Buena Vista Social Club (Cuba)

This is not your typical box-office movie. It brings Cuba to life (and everything we imagine it to be) through music and it will move your soul. And yes, you’ll be looking for the next available (legal) flight to Havana. Luckily for us, Abercrombie & Kent is offering tours to Cuba beginning this month!

The Holiday

15.  The Holiday (Los Angeles, Surrey)

A Londoner (Kate Winslet) and a producer from L.A. (Cameron Diaz) swap houses during the holidays and unsuspectedly (and conveniently) find romance (Jude Law, again) in the process in this rom-com chick flick. At home, we’re left drooling over interiors as much as we are about the outdoor scenery. You’ll make sure renting a cottage in Surrey is on your bucket list immediately after watching this movie.

Waking Ned Devine

16.  Waking Ned Devine (Isle of Man)

You will want to quit your day job, buy a cottage and retire as a sheep herder in a small village…or at least that was my immediate reaction after watching this film. The breathtaking landscapes of the Isle of Man are the real star. Add the charming village filled with characters and you’ll think this is what heaven might look like.

The Beach

17.  The Beach (Thailand)

Leonardo DiCaprio can do no wrong in our book. Put him on one of the world’s most remote and pristine beaches and you’ve got yourself 1 ½ hours worth of daydreaming of visiting Phuket and Ko Phi Phi Leh (where the movie was filmed). While the plot proves it’s not always sunny in paradise, this movie gets an A+ for location scouting.

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