About Inviato

I created this blog out of my love for travel.                                                     

inviatophotoI, and so many friends and acquaintances come back from new places with tips and recommendations only to jot them down and file away somewhere forgotten. My home office (which really is my husband’s, but I am slowly taking it over to his displeasure) is overflowing with boxes of notes, magazine clippings and articles of places that I have collected over the years. Anyone who knows me knows how meticulous I am in the research of my next trip – for me it’s equally as fun as the trip itself. I am thrilled when someone calls requesting information about a location or place so that I can whip out my files.

It seemed only natural, then, to do something more useful with so much information.  I guess you can say I was inspired to develop this site as a vehicle to share unbiased reviews of  unique and wonderful places with people who are equally excited about the discovery of the next trip as I am.  I don’t profess to be the most well-traveled person out there (and unfortunately am limited in how often I can go now being the mother of two young girls) but I have been fortunate to have been employed in the travel industry for over 20 years (at such fun places as American Express, Zagat Survey and Leading Hotels of the World) which has enabled me to travel to and learn about some intriguing places.

So, why the name Inviato?  I can think of three explanations off the top of my head: 1) I love all things Italian and after taking 6 months of Italian classes at Collina Italiana and traveling to Italy, felt it was only fitting to bless this blog with a Italian name; 2) The meaning of Inviato is “envoy” or “messenger” which perfectly describes what I envision this site to be; and 3) The name sounds inviting and rolls off the tongue nicely, per conto mio

It is only fitting, given the Italian name designation, that I launch this blog site with some extraordinary places I recently stayed in Italy and would like to share. Friends have recently reported back from places such as Brazil, Paris, Napa, South of France and other regions in Italy with great tips and feedback that I am eager to share in the coming days and weeks. There are many exciting new hotels opening and tried and true hotels re-opening after extensive renovations to report on in the next few months. The great thing is there will never be a shortage of places.

I hope you find this blog will offer some inspiration for your next trip – and, equally importantly, please share your trip notes!  Arrivaderci…

Jackie Cittone Magid

Email me at jackie@inviatotravel.com or follow me on twitter @travelzilla



Favorite Trip:  South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana on my honeymoon.

Favorite Hotels: Singita (South Africa), Chewton Glen (Britain), Gleneagles (Scotland), Blackberry Farm (Tennessee), Lake Placid Lodge, Esencia (Mexico), Wauwinet (Nantucket), Inn at Palmetto Bluff (South Carolina), Hotel De Russie (Rome), Goldeneye Resort (Jamaica) and all the places I stayed in Kenya :-)

Travel Wish List: There are so many! Tanzania –  seeing the migration, Galapagos Islands, Turkey, Morocco, Rwanda (gorillas!), Normandy, India, Vietnam…the list goes on and on.

Won’t get on a plane without:  My notepad, a good book, comfy socks…and as many junk magazines as I can carry.

Last Trip:  London

Next Trip(s):  Argentina

There are 4 comments

  1. Stephanie Rejtig

    Hi Jackie,
    This is great, good for you. This is something I know you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I already sent it to a friend of mine. I would love to get updates so put me on your list. Mark and I are itching to go away. Maybe Napa in Nov. and caribbean in Feb.
    Hope all is well with you and your family.

  2. susan

    I love the Crosby blog. I think Kit Kemp is one of the best hotel designers out there. I saw a photo of her; in addition to being so talented, she’s young and beautiful. Wish I had her job (I think).

  3. Janis Gardner

    I love your new inspirational travel blog for people of like minds! I am a travel destination specialist based in the U.S. I found Inviato through your reviews of Mara Plains and Sirikoi Lodge in Kenya, two of my favorite lodges where I book clients during their safaris, (that are 100% customized keeping in mind their wants and desires). Keep up the good work and I will certainly look forward to writing some reviews myself, and having my clients send you their opinions as well!

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